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The FXTM user can trade safely in any jurisdiction covered by UK and Cyprus regulations, which determine this broker’s compensation scheme. Under British law it must ensure the 06/02/ · FXTM is a legitimate, safe, and secure broker, as it is highly regulated, holding licenses in several jurisdictions, including the tier 1 financial center of London. Its UK license With a strong award-winning track record of more than 11 years as a forex broker, it is apparent that FXTM is not a scam but a safe place for you to trade forex, CFDs and other instruments FXTM is a good forex broker if you are just interested in forex, and maybe CFDs. You can open an account digitally which won’t take longer than a day. Your funds will be protected thanks to As traders, the safety of our money and assets is our number one concern, regardless of the market conditions. FXTM recognizes this, which is why the brand provides retail ... read more

FXTM offers several account types that have different fees. We tested the ECN account, which has low spreads but charges a commission. We know it's hard to compare trading fees for CFD brokers. So how did we approach the problem of making their fees clear and comparable? We compare brokers by calculating all the fees of a typical trade for selected products. A typical trade means buying a leveraged position, holding it for one week and then selling.

The leverage we used is:. These catch-all benchmark fees include spreads, commissions and financing costs for all brokers. You might want to dig deeper and check FXTM trading fee calculations in more detail. Let's do so. If you are a non-EU client, you can also trade commission free with real stocks from the NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges. As of , FXTM charges no commissions and dealing charges. You can also access real-time price data. FXTM has high non-trading fees. As a plus, there are no account or deposit fees.

The withdrawal fee varies based on your country of residence, the method you use, and the currency you make the withdrawal in.

Click here to see a detailed table in the Deposit and Withdrawal chapter. The required FXTM minimum deposit is different for the various account types. There are a 3 account types you can choose from. The account types differ according to the countries they are available in, the pricing, the minimum deposit, the available trading platform, and the products you can trade with.

For each account, you have the possibility to convert it into a swap-free account. This is suitable for clients, who can't receive interest due to their religion. FXTM offers corporate accounts as well. If you want to open a corporate account, you have to send an email to FXTM. In the review, we have tested the ECN and Stock CFDs MT4 accounts.

Since our testing these platforms have been renamed to Advantage Account. FXTM account opening is easy and fully digital. The online application takes roughly minutes and our account was approved within one business day. Take your time and compare at your own pace. Sign up to receive bite-sized emails on specific account opening processes, fee calculation, brokerage comparison and more. At FXTM, you can choose from 4 base currencies: EUR, GBP, USD, NGN.

NGN is available only for Nigerian residents. This selection falls behind competing brokers. Both FP Markets and Markets. com offer more base currencies. Why does this matter? For two reasons. If you fund your trading account in the same currency as your bank account or you trade assets in the same currency as your trading account base currency, you don't have to pay a conversion fee.

A convenient way to save on currency conversion fees is by opening a multi-currency bank account at a digital bank. These usually offer bank accounts in several currencies with great currency exchange rates, as well as free or cheap international bank transfers. Opening an account only takes a few minutes on your phone. Compare digital banks.

FXTM charges no deposit fees. Besides bank transfer, you can use a credit card and electronic wallets. This is the same as at the competitors. The availability of deposit methods other than bank and credit cards is different based on whether the client is from the EU, the UK, or is non-EU. You can choose from bank transfer, credit card, and electronic wallets for withdrawal. You can use the same electronic wallets as for depositing, except Alfa-Click, Western Union Quick Pay, and Dotpay.

Therefore, you have to withdraw any profit by using a bank transfer. How long does it take to withdraw money from FXTM? We tested the credit card withdrawal and it took one business day. FXTM doesn't have its own self-developed trading platform, it uses third-party platform: MetaTrader 4. ForexTime will be launching MT5 in the near future, but these platforms are very similar to each other in functionality and design.

In this review we tested MetaTrader 4, as it is available for all account types and is more used by customers. The FXTM web trading platform has great customizability. You can easily change the size and the position of the tabs. However, the platform feels outdated and some features are hard to find. For example, it took some time until we found how to add an asset to the watchlist. FXTM provides only a one-step login. A two-step authentication would be more secure.

The search functions are OK. You can find the assets in categories. However, we missed the usual search function where you can type in the asset's name manually. You can use the basic order types. You will not find very sophisticated orders like the 'one cancels the other' order. If you are not familiar with order types, read this overview. You can't set alerts and notifications on the FXTM web trading platform. This feature is available only on the desktop trading platform.

FXTM has clear portfolio and fee reports. You can easily see your profit-loss balance and the commissions you paid. These reports can be found under the 'History' tab. We didn't find a way to download them.

FXTM offers MetaTrader 4 mobile trading platform. Similarly to the web trading platform, we tested this mobile trading platform. After you download the MT4 mobile trading platform, you have to access the FXTM server, e.

Just like at the web trading platform, you can choose from a lot of languages on the mobile trading platform, too. Changing the language is a bit tricky on Android devices.

You can do it only if you change the default language of your mobile. FXTM has a great mobile trading platform , we really liked its design and user-friendliness. You will easily find all the features. Similarly to the web trading platform, FXTM provides only a one-step login. A two-step login would be safer. You can't use fingerprint or Face ID authentication. Providing this feature would be more convenient. The search functions are good. You can search by typing the name of the product or by navigating the category folders.

You can use the same order types and order time limits as the ones on the web trading platform. You can set alerts and notifications, although you can do it only on the desktop trading platform. It would be much easier if you could set these notifications on the mobile trading platform. It has the same design, is available in the same languages, offers the same order types plus Trailing Stop, has the same search functions, and offers the same portfolio and fee reports as the web trading platform.

The major difference is that you can set alerts and notifications in the form of mobile push and email notifications on the desktop trading platform. To set email or mobile notifications, you have to add your email address and mobile MetaQuotes ID you can find it in the MT4 app's settings.

You can add them, if you go to 'Tools' and then 'Options. FXTM's forex product selection lags behind some of its competitors. This holds for the stock index and commodity CFD product offering as well, while the number of stock CFDs is low compared to competitors.

FXTM offers metals as well, on the other hand ETF CFDs and bond CFDs are not available. To learn more about CFDs read our CFD trading tips. FCA banned the sale of crypto-derivatives to UK retail consumers from 6 January Changing the leverage is a very useful feature when you want to lower the risk of your trade. Be careful with forex and CFD trading, as preset leverage levels may be too high.

FXTM offers commission-free real stocks for non-EU clients. The real stock selection lags behind that of XTB, while similar to XM's. All clients except UK and EU clients, can use FXTM Invest, a social trading service.

This means, if you are onboarded under Mauritius regulation FXTM's Exinitiy Ltd entity you'd be able to use this feature. You can decide if you want to be an Investor or a Strategy Manager. Investors can copy Strategy Managers' trades. When you select a Strategy Manager, you have the option to filter them based on risk level, success fee, all-time profit, etc. Strategy Managers can receive a commission on every winning trade. FXTM provides trading ideas based on technical tools.

You can find them in MyFXTM, under 'Trading Services,' and within that the 'FXTM Trading Signals' section. FXTM has average charting tools. These charting tools can be found in the MetaTrader trading platforms. You can use 37 technical indicators and editor tools, such as trendlines or Fibonacci retracement. On the other hand, the design is outdated and some features are hard to use. For example, we had difficulty in finding how we could remove an indicator from the chart.

FXTM offers great news feeds through MetaTrader platforms. The news includes charts and other visual elements. It's not common for a broker to support news feeds on MetaTrader platforms.

On the website, in the 'Market Analysis' section, you can find market updates and various research tools, e. You can use Skrill to withdraw bitcoin from FXTM. However, if you have more than one account and at least one of those accounts is used for trading, no fees will be charged.

If you want to start trading on FXTM, you need to open an FXTM live account. You can open an FXTM account, by following the steps below:. Step 2 : Fill out the form that appears. You will need to provide your name, email address, phone number, and country, then create a password.

The PIN will also be sent to the email you provided. Your personal information will be required on this form, providing the information, check the box to show you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions then click on the Submit at the end of the form.

Step 5 : After submitting your bio-data information, you will be required to choose your account currency, set a leverage limit and create a password for the trading account. You can choose either USD, EUR or GBP.

Step 6 : After creating your account, you can make a deposit to your trading account and start trading. Deposits made via Mobile Money transfers in Kenya, card and e-wallets deposits are credited instantly and international bank wire transfers take business days. Withdrawals to Kenyan bank accounts are not supported on FXTM. Step 4 : If you select African Local Solutions, you will need to select your Trading Account Number and the transfer currency. You will then select any of the 3 Kenyan Payment Providers supported Safaricom M-Pesa, Airtel Money KE, and Equitel KE on the platform and enter your mobile number.

Step 3 : Decide on a withdrawal method you want to use and click on the Withdraw button beside it then follow the prompts to complete your withdrawal. Also, note that you need to get your account approved by uploading a valid ID card and proof of residence document before you can withdraw funds and access the full features on the platform.

When our team tested it, the wait time was less than 2 minutes and the answers provided were relevant. When you first click on the live support button, you will have to option to chat on WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Viber, live chat, or request a callback.

If you choose the live chat option, the FXTM chatbot will request your name and email address, then it will first respond to you by showing some FAQs. To transfer to a live agent, simply type chat agent in the chat and a customer care representative will respond and answer your questions. Email support : The email support of FXTM is available for 24 hours from Monday to Friday. When you send them an email, you get an auto-generated reply confirming they have received your enquiry and will respond soon.

When our team tested it, we got feedback within a few hours and the answer was relevant. The email address of FXTM is [email protected] There is no local email address for Kenya. Physical office : There is no FXTM office in Kenya that clients can go to for enquiries.

FXTM does not have local phone support in Kenya. All bonuses offered on FXTM are subject to terms and conditions that you must meet. If you are eligible for the bonuses, you will need to accept the terms and conditions through your dashboard to participate. FXTM is considered a safe Forex broker to trade with for Kenya based traders because their parent company Exinity Group are licensed by Top-Tier financial regulators, like the FCA in the UK and FSCA in South Africa and they have a responsive online customer care support.

But they are not regulated with CMA in Kenya. What is FXTM minimum deposit in Kenya? Is FXTM good for beginners? Based on our research FXTM is good for beginners because they have demo accounts for you to try along with educational videos to help you build your trading. FXTM also has negative balance protection, supports multiple platforms for trading, less leverage on the Micro Account. All of these features make FXTM good for beginners.

This modality does not involve the acquisition of ownership of stock positions over their value and a prediction of increase or decrease. This form of investing in stocks is very popular today because it allows trading in smaller amounts , enabling all types of investors to participate. Commodities and metals: Users can trade CFDs on Brent oil, crude oil and futures, natural gas, corn, soybean, wheat or silver, gold and copper futures. Indices: FXCM clients can trade CFDs on a selection of 13 popular indices from around the world including the US, Germany, Australia, Japan and the UK.

Crypto Currencies: At FXCM users can trade crypto currencies through CFDs on the most liquid cryptographic assets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin , Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash. Leverage: FXCM offers its clients the ability to trade Forex and CFDs with leverage. This means that trades can be made above equity, funded by the broker. Taking advantage of this funding is up to the investor.

It can be a real advantage to multiply the gains , but it also multiplies the losses in addition to the payment of commissions. Brokers who offer leverage include a clarification of the risks of their use. FXCM brings to its users a variety of unique tools and programs primarily related to interface programming solutions.

First, you can access the FXCM Python package to automate algorithmic CFD and Forex trading. In the Applications and Add-ons Store , users can find a huge catalog of tools that are compatible with the various platforms available for trading with FXCM. Some are free and others must be purchased for use. We have noticed the absence of the Mirror Trading program that enjoyed great popularity in the past. In keeping with the views of most of its users, opening a Forex account with FXCM is a simple and safe process.

It consists of completing a form with personal information and sending documentation for verification. In terms of the account types that can be opened for trading at FXCM you have three possibilities : the CFD trading account is the most basic option primarily geared towards those who make trading a hobby. For frequent high volume traders, interested in accessing personalized advice, with advanced services and solutions, the Trading Activa account provides additional advantages and trading differentials.

Finally, the FXCM Pro Account is available to experienced, professional, and institutional traders , specially developed for investing larger amounts of money than an individual investor.

FXCM also requests an address confirmation document which it will provide upon registration and must be within the area in which the broker offers its services. FXCM has trading offices in Greece, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Hong Kong and South Africa, as well as partner offices in Canada and Israel. However, its services are available in over countries. FXCM has four different trading platforms available to its users, which makes this broker one of the most versatile in this regard and has earned it many positive reviews.

First, we must highlight FXCM Trading Station , which was developed and patented by us. With customizable commands, advanced charting applications, and pre-installed indicators, it offers users a variety of options for designing automated trading strategies.

In addition, users can choose the popular Metatrader 4 which stands out for its interactive graphics, command variety and advanced analysis. With 30 integrated indicators available, plus 2, free customizable ones gives the variety of high standard technical tools.

Another available platform is NinjaTrader , which allows access to the foreign exchange, futures and stock markets , specializing in the development of customized systems through Strategy Builder.

With Market Analyzer you can do real time price analysis. Finally, it provides ZuluTrade , a platform that allows for an automated approach. It allows you to copy custom strategies creating other traders with proven and comparable results. All these platforms allow you to invest from a web version or download applications developed for computers with higher performance and higher speed of execution.

The various platforms offered by FXCM are available for download on both Android and iOS-based phones. It is remarkable and in this there is agreement with the opinions of users, the high quality of the portable version of Trading Station. It is a powerful tool, which allows you to invest quickly and access the main functions needed to make the best decisions.

It offers free trading guides and courses for learning and improving your forex skills. Seminars and webinars organized by specialists, quality written content and an Insights section extend the offer.

FXCM users who so desire receive a daily newsletter from Trading Central. Also highlighted is the Market Scanner which allows you to customize the markers of interest to receive buy and sell recommendations according to your pre-configured parameters.

Finally, with FXCM Plus , traders have access to detailed trading signals and technical analysis of interest to them. The way in which deposits and withdrawals are made is always a determining factor when choosing a broker to trade Forex and CFDs on shares or crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin. FXCM offers its users a variety of methods to add or withdraw funds to an account quickly and securely.

When depositing, FXCM offers users a wide range of options including the most common credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and wire transfers. For those who prefer the versatility offered by electronic purses , Skrill and Neteller are available. With these means and the cards, accreditation usually takes a maximum of one working day. For withdrawals, FXCM provides the same means as for deposits, restricting the possibility of withdrawals only to those methods already used for deposits.

First, FXCM does not charge commissions on deposits or withdrawals by card or e-wallet. Reduced rates and spreads are one of the main advantages of trading an FXCM Active Trader account 0. In addition, the average spread of 1. As far as withdrawals are concerned, there is no minimum or maximum stipulated more than what is necessary to cover the commissions, but we must remember that you must always withdraw by some means already used to make a deposit.

In addition, the firm has undergone an expansion and transformation that allows it to invest in a brokerage authorized and regulated by the most important authorities of the jurisdictions in which it operates. FXCM is regulated by four authorities in different countries, most notably the FCA Financial Conduct Authority , which is the UK body responsible for controlling and supervising financial activities. It is also regulated by the AMF in France, ASIC in Australia and FSCA in South Africa, to avoid any doubt about how safe this broker can be.

FXTM, which stands for ForexTime, is a trading name of the Cypriot company ForexTime Limited. It is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission CySEC and licensed by the Financial Services Board FSB of South Africa. The company has a branch in the UK as well. Licenses allow it to offer financial services, including forex.

However, there are some posts in forex forums that inform about poor customer service automated messages , negative slippage practices, stop-loss hunting and money withdrawal difficulties. If you feel frustrated by FXTM and have something to share with us, please fill in the form below, describing your case:.

I fed my account with USD and I received an SMS from my HSBC account as a proof of this transaction. As an enigma, this deposit was staying pending for the entire day. I immediately reported this to the chat person. So, this late transaction cost me USD2. They answered me they did nothing wrong. A legal way to steal money! Scamming tricks! This is a pure scamming broker! I have a micro account and they change my margin requirements non stop! The spreads are big enough to bankrupt you.

There are better brokers for your money! I experience big slippage and stop loss hunting all the time. Probbly they have illegal plugin for MetaTrader4 platform.

Metaquote is not a reliable developer any more since they offer illegal plugins for manipulating! Beware of this scam company! These are the same scammers like Alpari! Stay away! They are the same cheaters just renamed some of them. Alpari in painted hairs! I deposited money using my web wallet last month. This is a very reliable digital wallet but FXTM refused to fund my account. I sent them a lot of mails confirming my deposit but they still refused to feed my account.

Terrible disappointment. They offer fake quotes and EA can not deal with their fake market. They are dealing desk broker not NDD.

Hey manipulate prices. Initially everything was OK. I opened my account because they offered starting bonus. When I started trading however my account froze.

They executed my stop loss and of course the market never been there. Just stay away from these scammers. Stop loss hunters! I deposited money in FXTM and to withdraw is impossible, run away from this broker, when i complaint to their helpline, no was able to help and the next thing my trading account is not working I can,t use my server, seems blocked.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Is it scam or safe? Not Licensed Companies Revoked License Licensed Companies. Sign in. Log into your account. your username.

your password. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. your email. Get help. Forex Complains. Home Is it scam or safe? FXTM — Is it scam or safe? Licensed Company. Reply Complains. I deposited USD25 by skrill but they said they never received the money. LEAVE A COMPLAINT Cancel reply. Please enter your Complaint! Please enter your name here.

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With a strong award-winning track record of more than 11 years as a forex broker, it is apparent that FXTM is not a scam but a safe place for you to trade forex, CFDs and other instruments FXTM is a good forex broker if you are just interested in forex, and maybe CFDs. You can open an account digitally which won’t take longer than a day. Your funds will be protected thanks to 06/02/ · FXTM is a legitimate, safe, and secure broker, as it is highly regulated, holding licenses in several jurisdictions, including the tier 1 financial center of London. Its UK license As traders, the safety of our money and assets is our number one concern, regardless of the market conditions. FXTM recognizes this, which is why the brand provides retail The FXTM user can trade safely in any jurisdiction covered by UK and Cyprus regulations, which determine this broker’s compensation scheme. Under British law it must ensure the ... read more

As we said, the FXCM broker specializes in CFD and Forex trading. To view the full contract specifications for all trading instruments, go to the Trading Instruments portion of the ForexTime website. In addition, once registered, FXTM announces a 5 minute fund processing time. This option is designed for Muslim traders. Trading in fragmented markets.

With any type of account, is fxtm safe, as you progress through the program you get commission refunds, is fxtm safe, investment rebates and some additional benefits. ForexTime offers live help at any time from within your account area, simply hit the chat icon and you can choose a live chat option including options for Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or is fxtm safe them to call you. FXCM has four different trading platforms available to its users, which makes this broker one of the most versatile in this regard and has earned it many positive reviews. Therefore, you have to withdraw any profit by using a bank transfer. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.